Seller’s Representation

Sellers Representation in Greater Rocky Point

How to get the best price for your Rocky Point real estate

“Any agent can list a property which entails writing up a listing agreement and putting the information and photos on the MLS. However, no one has the same knowledge and skill necessary to close the sale when an offer comes in than Jonni. I have seen numerous sales not get done or delayed because of a lack of understanding of the process.” –Morley Shaw, PhD.

Sellers representation is always important, whether you are selling real estate in Mexico, the United States or Canada. If you’re interested in selling your real estate in Greater Rocky Point, Jonni Francis is by far the best choice you can make to represent your property.

Nearly 25 years experience buying and selling Greater Rocky Point houses, condos, lots and larger land parcels in the Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco real estate market gives Jonni unparalleled resources to find a buyer for your property.

Selling real estate is a partnership, and Jonni will always tell you the truth. Jonni delivers realistic appraisals of what properties are worth, and realistic estimates of how long it will take to sell your house, condominium, lot or land at various price points.

Jonni understands curb appeal – and how to enhance it when she shows your property. Most importantly, Jonni is a creative negotiator for her sellers, often finding ways to complete transactions others thought were broken.

For sellers willing to consider full or partial seller financing, Jonni is expert at crafting sales agreements that work for both the seller and buyer, and for finding finding buyers willing to pay a price premium to secure non-qualifying owner financing.

Contact Jonni Francis by email or call her at +1 602-647-9993